Denise Richards Open up About Becoming a member of OnlyFans

Denise Richards Instantly after her daughter handed, Denise joined OnlyFans.

The 51-year-old actress spoke out in a brand new interview with KTLA. She acknowledged that her preliminary intention was to assist, Sami Sheen. Nonetheless, she additionally revealed another excuse she joined the platform.

Denise defined how Sami “obtained rather a lot backlash to open the account. Though I knew about OnlyFans, I used to be not educated about what it was.

Denise Richards

However, as I discovered extra concerning the web site, I noticed that it was a mix of all of the social media

platforms and merged them into one web site. Your content material is yours. Different websites may promote your content material.

Denise added: “All of us submit photographs with ourselves in bathing fits on Instagram, and different websites. There isn’t any distinction apart from the truth that you personal the content material.

She mentioned she was hesitant about becoming a member of OnlyFans and that it could be unusual for Sami to be there.

She then mentioned, “We’re each on Instagram” and I replied, “You are proper!”

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