All things being equal, you can’t blame Isaiah Thomas for his skepticism given he himself changed into once in exactly the same position as Boston Celtics big man Robert Williams III is in now.

Robert William

The former King give lol reaction to an article posted to Twitter by NBC Sports’ Kurt Helin titled “Report: Celtics told Robert Williams playing through injury won’t make knee worse”.

IT was greenlighted to play in the 2017 NBA Playoffs on an injured hip that would ultimately derail and nearly end his NBA career, which Thomas seemed to imply was the fault of Boston’s clinical team

Timelord’s injury is a very different one with a fairly broad consensus about the risk involved, but given Thomas’ private experience with the team and his own injury, reaction is understandable.

Isaiah Thoma

Presumably, the Celtics — who've since overhauled their medical staff considerably — are taking the equal footing given the black eye a similar outcome would have on their organization.