Dakota Johnson is gearing up to have one massive summer. In one day alone, the actor managed to trend for two entirely different reasons: 

: the Tribeca Film Fest premiere of her new movie, Cha Cha Real Smooth, and an unveiling of the poster for her other upcoming film, a hotly-anticipated model of Persuasion. 

To capitalize on the buzz, Johnson appeared on the Tribeca red carpet in dialed-up versions of her beauty signatures — heavy on the glamour factor, too.

Dakota Johnson’s messy ballerina bun, steely smoky eye, and celestial skin glow make the star look effortless, sophisticated, and whimsical all at once. 

Johnson’s bangs, undoubtedly her trademark, looked full and just-trimmed as they gently tapered to a bottleneck shape and mixed seamlessly with the loose tendrils framing her face.  

Celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend crafted Johnson’s bun for the occasion, piling her glossy waves high into a romantic updo perfect for an Austen-era heroine.  

While lengthy hair with bangs is virtually inextricable from the Dakota Johnson the world knows and loves, her fringe is looking considerably thicker and less piece-y recently than in years past.  

Their classic bottleneck bangs shape — shorter in the center before getting progressively longer and narrower toward the face — is a constant, though. 

Tyson stated of the project: "I have been searching to tell my tale for quite a few time... Hulu's Mike will best on Thursday, August 25.