Hailey Bieber is a busy girl those days, and she sat down with "Good Morning America" to discuss everything from Justin Bieber's these days revealed health condition to her new skin care brand.  

Last week, her popstar husband took to Instagram to explain that he'd been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome,  

a rare neurological disorder which can temporarily paralyze parts of a person's face.

Hailey Bieber and Husband Justin Bieber

While the news was sudden and shocking, Hailey told "GMA" that her husband was "doing really well, and he is getting better every single day. He's feeling a lot higher."  

She continued, "he is going to be completely OK, and I'm just grateful that he is fine."  

Hailey Bieber

She also noted the challenges of going through both of their health struggles with hopes that people understand what you're going through. "I think it actually opened up a lot of critical convo."

Through it all, Hailey added that the silver lining has been that the struggles have brought her and Justin collectively and made them a lot closer.  

Despite the current hurdles, Hailey has been hard at work, launching her own pores and skin care line called Rhode, the middle name she shares with her mother.

. I love that Bieber is doing this right from launch. It’s obviously an important part of her brand.

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