DeBose dated Jill Johnson, a Broadway props professional who has labored on productions along with Motown and If/Then, earlier than Makkoo.

The Prom actress hasn’t publicly announced her relationship, however, based on her recent crimson carpet appearances, she appears to be a relationship with Sue Makkoo.

It all began some days ago Hailey shared a video where she shows her routine skin care earlier than putting on make-up, and also as you put on make-up.

It should be stated that the version usually shares this sort of content on a normal basis on her social networks while Selena Gómez made a video nearly the same as the ones made by Bieber’s wife.

Was Ariana DeBose married to Jill Johnson?

Ariana DeBose does now no longer appear like married and is currently unmarried. Since her breakup with Jill Johnson, the stage’s head props master