Bestselling author James Patterson has come under fire for comments made in a recent interview where he stated it was difficult for white men to find work in publishing and Hollywood.  

The author, whose estimated net worth is stated to be in the region of $800m (£662m), claimed that older white men face ‘another form of racism’.

Patterson – best known for his thrillers – is recognised as one of the highest-paid authors in the world.

He has collaborated with the likes of President Bill Clinton and music icon Dolly Parton for his books, with his and Parton’s effort Run,  

Rose, Run already snapped up by Sony for a movie adaptation, just weeks after its publication.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, he lamented the issues he stated older white men faced, adding: ‘What’s that all about?’  

‘Can you get a job? Yes. Is it harder? Yes. It’s even more difficult for older writers. You don’t meet many 52-year-old white males.’  

However, his words have caught Patterson heat online, especially from the book community.‘ 

James Patterson, one of, if not THE highest-paid author in the world, says white men are discriminated against as writers.  

Sports author Jeff Pearlman was more succinct in his comment, writing: ‘I’m a 50-year-old white author. And, to James Patterson I say, warmly, boo-f**king-hoo.’

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