It’s in the end the day. After months (years?) of teasing us, Hailey Bieber’s skincare line is finally here.  

Rhode is out with 3 products and much, much more to come. We’ve watched her use the glowy-skin products on TikTok  

and heard all about the manner she enlisted other beauty founders for advice and really put her whole heart into this line.

This doesn’t look like a random beauty brand she just decided to position her name on. Rhode is a part of her. (It’s also her middle call.) 

You’ve heard enough teasing though. It’s time to get to the goods. First, it’s important to know who Bieber is.  

She has sensitive skin and favors a no-makeup make-up look with healthy skin first and foremost. 

Hailey Bieber

That’s what this line is about. It’s nearly all fragrance-free and absolutely cruelty-free with formulas safe for sensitive skin.  

The brand is focusing on “restoring and nourishing the skin barrier” a.k.a. healthy skin that glows.  

. I love that Bieber is doing this right from launch. It’s obviously an important part of her brand.

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