The Grammy winner, 34, published on TikTok that she could have given pretty much whatever to be at the unique Broadway cast's one-night-only reunion concert.

And at Sunday's 75th annual Tony Awards, stars Lea Michele, Jonathan Groff, John Gallagher Jr., and Skylar Astin say the door is always open for Lizzo to join them.

"Anytime Lizzo wants to do Spring Awakening, we will have her," Groff tells PEOPLE. "Yes, please. She's a member of the cast each time she wants."

 We're going to will it to happen," provides Michele, revealing they "may have asked [Lizzo] to return back and perform with us tonight, but she turned into lamentably unavailable."

The cast — who reunited once more for the performance of "Touch Me" on the Tonys — say they were pleased when they first discovered that they'd a super fan of the "About Damn Time" singer

"She's a large Lizzo fan — as am I — and it is crazy. I'm still at an area in my career wherein athletes or artists, or people that I appear up to, know who the heck I am it is crazy."