Lisa Snowdon shot to fame as a version and has built a successful providing profession on her confidence, however, has admitted that menopause left her feeling

Snowden, 50, has been open about having begun to enjoy perimenopausal signs and symptoms in her early 40s and the life-changing difference taking HRT has made to her.

she defined how the hormonal changes she went thru left her "damaged" despite usually taking part in a healthful frame image.

She said: "I felt completely by myself and lost. It was years of feeling lousy and angry and sleep-deprived, with skin, hair, and frame changes.

"I ended up setting on pretty a chunk of weight, and while you don’t recognize what’s happening, you sense like you’re going mad."

Snowdon continued: "I’ve usually had a quite positive frame image, however after I placed on weight I was a bit broken while nothing in my wardrobe geared up me –

that’s a certainly tough issue for us girls. I remember sitting on the ground and simply crying. That was a chunk of a turning factor for me."

Lisa Snowdon ‘cried on the floor

she had decided to "take a few responsibilities" for her weight gain, too, and talked about her healthful diet and taking up training in recent years.