The Boston Celtics would not be in the NBA Finals without Jayson Tatum - there's no question about it. But he may also be costing them games they otherwise could be winning.  

The C's forward currently has 91 turnovers mixed in the postseason; it's 3 much less than the current horrendous record of 94. Funny enough, it's held by LeBron James.    

"Jayson Tatum has ninety one total turnovers throughout these playoffs. If he commits four more, he’ll pass LeBron for the most turnovers in a single playoff run," Legion Hoops wrote.  

"It's gonna appear however that does not take away from the run he's had," one fan said.  

"These are the kinda stats he should not be trying to follow. Lol," a fan wrote.

"Lebron has the most turnovers in a single postseason and the most all time? Weird how you never hear this stuff lol," a fan tweeted.  

Tatum will try to clean things up in Game 5 of the NBA Finals next Monday night.

Tatum is on pace to have the most turnovers in a single playoff run in NBA history.

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