Selena Gómez is in the eye of the typhoon after making amusing of Haley Bieber the current wife of his ex-partner Justin Bieber thru a video on TikTok.

The "Pitch Perfect," star who has only ever publicly dated men, took to Instagram on Thursday to announce her dating with fashion designer Ramona Agruma.

It all began some days ago Hailey shared a video where she shows her routine skin care earlier than putting on make-up, and also as you put on make-up.

It should be stated that the version usually shares this sort of content on a normal basis on her social networks while Selena Gómez made a video nearly the same as the ones made by Bieber’s wife.

Gómez shared a video 5 hours later with a controversial attitude since the whole lot indicates that he was imitating Bieber’s current partner.  

Now, Selena claims that she did not make amusing of her but got here out to apologize for her misunderstanding or even disabled her comments on her TikTok account.  

“That’s why I believe in mental fitness care. Guys, I haven't any concept of what I’ve done, however, I’m simply sorry. Zero bad intention”, assured the actress.