Selena Gomez is revealing why she was ashamed after doing the cover image for one of her albums.

Selena Gomez

The 29-year-old Selena  has released seven albums total, including three as Selena Gomez & The Scene and a finest hits album under Hollywood Records, three  solo artist on her 2nd label Interscope.

However, the “Kill Em With Kindness” singer recently opened up about why she felt ashamed about one of her album covers.

“I actually did an album cover and I was really ashamed after I did it,” she stated during a THR comedy actress roundtable discussion.

“I had to work through those emotions because I found out it became connected to something deeper that was going on.

Selena Gomez

And it was a choice that I wasn’t always happy that I made, however I suppose that I’ve done my best, at least I try to be myself.”

“I’m now no longer a very sexual person,” Selena continued. “Sometimes I like to sense sexy but that doesn’t mean it’s for somebody else. It can be for me.”