Thousands of protestors are expected to rally in Washington, D.C., Saturday and in separate demonstrations around the country as a part of a renewed push for national gun control.

Motivated by a fresh surge in mass shootings, from Uvalde, Texas, to Buffalo, New York, protestors say lawmakers must take note of shifting public opinion and finally enact sweeping reforms.

The group did not match the Florida results on the national level, but has persisted in advocating for gun regulations since then, in addition to participating in voter registration drives.

Now, with another string of mass shootings bringing gun control back into the national conversation,

organizers of this weekend’s events say the time is right to renew their push for a national overhaul.

On Tuesday, actor Matthew McConaughey appeared at the White House briefing room to press for gun legislation and made highly private remarks about the violence in his hometown of Uvalde.

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