Twitter has canceled a companywide retreat to Disneyland in a cost-reducing measure because it grapples with C-suite chaos and a worsening economy amid buyout talks with Elon Musk.  

The social media corporation was set to fly out its personnel to the California theme park in a corporate event slated for January 2023.  

The cancellation was confirmed hours before Musk was set to discuss his stalled takeover bid during what's predicted to be a contentious all-hands meeting with Twitter staffers. 

“We’ve made the tough choice to not move forward with our OneTeam gathering in 2023, and are limiting domestic and international business tour for business-critical purposes only,” spokeperson said  

“The reduction of travel and event costs allow us to perform in a greater responsible and efficient manner, considering the global macroeconomic environment we’re currently facing,” he added more

Twitter last held its “OneTeam” corporate retreat in early 2020, shortly before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Bloomberg. The last trip took place in Houston, Texas. facing,”