I love being recognizable. Maybe this is my Southern upbringing or it is just the intimacy of morning tv due to the fact human beings feel like I've seen them in their underwear.

But it comes with a few responsibility, privilege — and a bit influence. It also comes with a big old mirror. A mirrored image of how I see them. Because how they see me is how I see them.

I like being a storyteller. That's the reason why I have become a journalist. It's what first drew me to the profession as a little lady in Mississippi.

Of course, returned then I didn't see each person like me on tv, a gay Black woman. I knew I wanted to be able to assist others share their story.

But I never desired to end up as the story. I never thought at all approximately the "celebrity" aspect of it.

Even as much as we loved Walter Cronkite, I failed to think of him as a celebrity. He was huge. I mean, who didn't love Uncle Walter?

And then it simply, at some point, it have become that way with journalists. The way we were seen somehow changed.

I have now been in people's homes for over  decades. How many actors can say that?

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